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Dear Friend, 

Forgive my bluntness, but the fact that you’re on this page now tells me that you have finally made a decision to change your relationship with food , forever!  

Wouldn't you agree that you are unhappy about the way you look and feel?  I know, you've tried fad dieting for years only to gain more weight back than when you started.   There is a real simple reason why diets don't work and hypnosis does... When you diet, your body believes you are trying to starve it and immediately kicks into the most primitive of responses...SURVIVAL!

For the vast majority of the people I work with, their relationship with food is a subtle, by highly charged emotional one that developed when you were a small child.  For you, like the many others, you learned to equate food with love. That is why you eat when you're Hungry.  You eat when you're Angry You eat when you're Lonely.  And, you eat when you're Tired.  You are READY to CHANGE that NOW.

This specially developed recording is designed to get you to your goal FAST and FOREVER!.  The techniques used to produce this hypnosis recording are specifically designed to be the most effective at bringing about lasting change.  

These are the very same techniques that I use with my private clients who are thrilled at their results because they are HAPPIER & HEALTHIER

The very change that you are seeking is best achieved by listening to this recording every day for 30 days. 


Because over-eating and lack of exercise is an unconscious habit.  You do it without ever being aware of it. You subconscious fools you into thinking you are feeling better when you EAT!   Changing Habits requires replacing them with new behaviors.


I know what you are thinking... "I've tried dieting before and failed!"  The reason you didn't succeed before was because you made a conscious decision to diet.  Conscious decisions are only short-term. You didn't have the real tools that hypnosis gives you, to retrain your subconscious mind and use food as fuel to supercharge your energy.   You didn't have the tools to work through the reasons you eat poorly.  You continued to see yourself as somenone who has repeatedly tried and failed to keep weight off!  Your mind keeps telling "why bother you failed the last 5 times"  You failed because you never understood the relationship between mind and body.  Hypnosis is highly effective at bringing those into sync!

I know this works because like YOU, I too was once a weight-loss failure  I used these very techniques tolose and keep off more than 30 pounds (for more than 5 years!)!   After countless hours and efforts were spent on experimenting on these methods, I know which methods WORK and which ones don’t work. 

This recording uses an enhanced technique that maximizes the change process in the subconscious mind.  It is the subconscious mind where all our habits and emotions reside.  Effective long-lasting behavorial change only takes place in this part of our minds.  So why wouldn't you want to give yourself the best program to complete this change.  You have this No Risk opportunity to get a proven method for becoming happier and healthier as you reach your fitness and weight goals.  

After the piecing of my findings was complete, the result is: 

Weight Loss For A Healthier You

 Inside Weight Loss For A Healthier You , you’ll discover and learn A PROVEN method that works (I know because I’ve tried and tested them, remember): 

You will find that you have more energy!  You will feel better as the body heals itself from the destructive eating patterns that have raised your blood pressure and taken away your ability to enjoy an active life !  You will feel MORE CONFIDENT knowing that you have taken back control of your life.   


Your Purchase Is 100% Protected 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident that my Weight Loss For A Healthier You recording will help you become a healthier, happier you, that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All I ask is you try out Weight Loss For A Healthier You for 30 days and if you aren't on your path to feeling better in 30 days, then I don’t want your money. Simply contact me at info@hypnomarc.com and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full. 


"Thank YOU, Marc!  I love the way I look Again".  Marla N.

Marc Marshall, CH CHMI

PS. Remember, you’re covered by my “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you. If it turns out that you don’t like Weight Loss For A Healthier You, simply contact me at info@hypnomarc.com and I’ll promptly refund you in full. 

PPS. Which one is more valuable to you? $25 or Feeling Fitter & Sexier in 30 days? I’m sure the answer is the latter… 

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